We’re looking for avant-garde cabaret artists with exceptional three to five minute pieces for our hit Galapagos Art Space Floating Kabarette show.

Think aerialist, sensual and sexy burlesque, acts of skill, beautiful chanteuse singers, wonderful performance artists, vicious vaudevillians and big-vision ensemble dance works. We’re looking for the best, from Lecoq to Cirque to Commedia dell’arte to Brooklyn-made or Russian born. We simply want the best.

Join our Floating Kabarette.

Our regular program:

We’re looking for artists / producers or groups who are capable of producing an exciting multi-bill/extravaganza with running times anywhere from two to four hours in length. We rarely book random line-ups or short sets but rather prefer to present evenings that have a large scope and a focused aesthetic vision. We encourage artists to take full advantage of our technical capabilities and the beautiful ambience of our space. Galapagos Art Space seats 250 persons, your act or event or show needs to fill at least half that.

We love strange ideas, and we love vision for new concepts and we reward risk when it’s supported by vision.

Submit your vision.