At Galapagos, we believe that no form of art is greater than any other. With this belief in mind, we offer a wide variety of programming in hopes that we bring something new, something different to our audiences. This opens the door to a new world of collaboration as artists and artistic mediums collide on our stage, from lectures to burlesque, from readings to cabaret.


At Galapagos, we produce several programs in-house, drawing talent from our Artists in Residence program, as well as from the local community. These programs are focused on delivering a new quality of entertainment, encouraging dialogue on current events, exposure to new types of artists and artistic mediums and ideas on society and culture.

Get Smart

Get Smart is a new type of lecture series, combining discussions from some of the greatest minds in New York City with world-class entertainment and delicious cocktails. Each evening will feature three 15-minute lectures, punctuated by performances and cocktails befitting of the evening’s conversation. Learning’s finally sexy again at Galapagos every Thursday night. Learn more.

Floating Kabarette

Floating Kabarette is a part cabaret, part burlesque and part variety show, featuring some of the best performers from New York City and beyond. Floating Kabarette happens every Saturday night, followed by cocktails and music that goes far into the morning hours. Learn more.

Artists in Residence

Theater Reverb

Galapagos is very proud of our diverse and talented resident artists and productions, in whose development we actively participate by offering guidance on marketing, programming, and technical details. We are also constantly on the lookout for artists, producers, or groups who share a new vision for unique concepts. See all artists in residence here.