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Clear, Simple Pricing

We believe that our clear and thorough pricing approach frees you to dream about your big day. Getting married is often a novel process that you only really discover as you move through it; we expect you to have ideas and questions, and expect that you'll change your mind about the details along the way. We don't consider it a problem, but rather an important part of the process.

We have options for weddings on any night of the week and varying times of day. Pricing is broken down into "Fully Seated" and "Cocktail Setup" — these two basic seating arrangements impact the price of your event. (Seating impacts how we set up the venue, and therefore impacts our staffing for your event.) We are happy to walk you through both options so you can decide what works best for you.

A truly sublime reflecting pool, an expansive cathedral-like interior, brilliantly spotlit, the scenery is lush, [an] ever-growing cultural oasis." — THE NEW YORK TIMES

All night, Saturday Night!

Galapagos is available on Saturday nights — all night — as part of an all-inclusive package that includes everything we offer — the venue from morning to the wee hours of the night, a full, open bar with top shelf liquor and champagne that flows all night, full seating, cocktail seating or anything in between, 200 candles installed on all the walls surrounding you and floating on the lake. This choice includes everything — everything — we offer in our beautiful, award winning, LEED-certified design.

The Galapagos Signature Event

We've developed a new model for weddings on a smaller budget that lets you have an entire Saturday night for the price of a shorter event. Start your wedding during the day, and you'll have the venue exclusively until 9:00 pm. But the event doesn't end there; the after party — and a fabulous cabaret environment — comes directly to you.

Following your ceremony and dinner, dancing, speeches — your entire private event — at 9:00 pm we simply move your party to an exclusive area of the mezzanine and program a fantastic Floating Kabarette show around you. The show includes an incredible lineup of cabaret performers, trapeze artists, live music, etc. Once you're settled on the mezzanine we open the doors to our audience, who arrive to populate the ground floor below you.

We see this as the ideal marriage, if you will. You and your guests get the most thoroughly entertaining and cost-effective event possible, and Galapagos remains open to the public on a Saturday night, allowing us to offer you this discounted option.

Securing Your Reservation

Once you've toured the venue and talked through the process and opportunities we provide, we contract the day. A 50% deposit secures the date for your special day. We accept checks, wires, money orders, and all major credit cards.

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